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Where to go in Switzerland?

Hi Everyone, I'm going to be in Switzerland at the end of November for about 3-4 days before heading to Italy. Kinda stuck trying to figure out where I should stay in Switzerland. All of the places I've looked at so far all seem amazing. Any recommendations on where to stay, things to do or day trips? I know that there are some mountain summits that can be reached by rail which would be cool to visit. I've also got a Eurail pass which allows me to go on the Bernina Express (Super excited :))

I've got a moderate budget but obviously the cheaper the better. Thanks folks :)

Submitted October 23, 2017 at 02:58PM by ImaNeedBoutTreeFiddy

In Spice-Laden Kerala, a Break from Urban India


Most Houston Attractions Have Reopened; the Opera Gets Creative


Route 66 suggestions?

Driving Route 66 (west to east) and looking for places worth stopping at. Thank you!

Trying to plan a Pacific Northwest road trip. Any suggestions for places to stop?

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I'm thinking of doing a 2 month road trip in the US. Ideal destinations?

So I live in AZ. I'm basically looking or places in each state that I SHOULD stop at. I don't wanna get home then have someone say `how was mount Rushmore?' then realize I went thru AND without seeing Mount Rushmore. I'll make a big list once I get replies and make a Google doc for all to see.

finally committed to a European Trip

Going to Europe for 19 days, and saw a great one way ticket to london for $150. Bought the ticket!


-Malaga, Spain



-London (cheap plane out)

Im planning on a budget trip, with expenses mainly going for eating. where can i cut cost at?

Submitted October 23, 2017 at 02:47AM by liberum_bellum_libro

Need help figuring out banking situation for 7 month Australia trip

Im a Canadian citizen and I'm leaving for Australia in about a month for my first solo trip. I'm having a hard time understanding what my best option would be for my money. I'm going to be working while I'm there so I'll open a bank account there for that. I don't know if it's best to keep my chequing account here and pay the monthly fee or if I should close it once I get a bank account there. I'm with Scotiabank and I can't really tell how bad their atm fees will be over there. If anyone has any bank recommendations in Canada that would be better for travel or ideas on where to keep my money so I'm not losing much to atm fees that'd be great! Thanks in advance. Really don't know what I'm doing

Submitted October 23, 2017 at 02:54AM by opsmomdotcom

Critique my itinerary! 10 days solo in the Balkans this Winter

Please tell me what you think- too much time? not enough? will these cities be dead in the winter? also any advice or recommendations is appreciated! I am leaving budapest on January 1 and need to be back by January 11.

NYE- Budapest. Most likely staying at Carpe Noctem Vitae or Grandio

Bus to Ljubljana, spend 1-2 night there, then two nights in bled. get a bus from bled to back to Ljubljana, then a bus that evening to Zagreb.

3-4 nights in Zagreb with a day trip to Plitvice lakes. Maybe stay at Whole Wide World hostel?

Bus to Belgrade. spend 2-3 nights here. looking at Hedonist Hostel

Bus to Timisoara in Romania, spend a night here then take a train/bus back to budapest to meet up with friends traveling.

I'm a little worried about the cold, I get sick very easily and will also just be traveling with my carry on (total travel time for one month), which I've done before in the winter and I got super sick, so any advice on keeping warm and healthy is also appreciated!

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 11:37PM by sandrarae-

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